Easy Homemade Bombs

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Bath Bombs, or Bath Fizzies, are like giant alka-seltzers for your bath – they spin, whirl and swirl in your bath while releasing scent and skin-softening agents.

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This homemade bath bombs recipe can be made at home with a few easy to get ingredients. Pamper yourself and reduce stress without spending a lot of money!

DIY Bath Bombs / Fizzies Recipe, How to Make SPA Products CHEAP, EASY & QUICK! Homemade Gift Idea for Saint Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Apr 26, 2013 · The Tsarnaevs learned how to make bombs from the Internet. So can anyone. And the problem will only get worse

These quick & easy DIY Citrus Fizz Bath Bombs are super simple to make, and they’re a fantastic homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day, birthdays and more!

If you love LUSH bath bombs, but don’t love the price, here’s a diy bath bomb project that’s easy and oh-so affordable.

Bath bombs or bath fizzes are not a new concept. I’ve seen a number of tutorials floating around the Internet, but if you’re not the DIY type, then you can just

How to make homemade soap, bath salts and body butter with easy recipes. This unprecedented collection contains extensive product formulations, plus invaluable

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I like a good bath. It’s the best way for me to unwind, escape the dishes, catch up on a little pop culture in the way of an US Weekly or a thick People Magazine

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