Human Sex Pheromones

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Do human pheromone products actually work to attract women? Find out if pheromone sprays really work, and which products work best.

Melissa Kaplan’s Herp Care Collection Last updated January 1, 2014. Pheromones in Humans: Myth or Reality? ©1992 David Wolfgang-Kimball

You’ve never heard of pheromones? Well, it’s time to learn about the part they play in your sex life, because it could be substantial. The concept of a human

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A pheromone is a chemical produced which changes the behavior of another of the same species. Pheromones, unlike most other hormones are ectohormones.

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In s, sex pheromones indicate the availability of the female for breeding. Male s may also emit pheromones that convey information about their species and

Pheromones and pheromone cologne. We do our own scientific research and manufacturing. All our products are guaranteed to get results.

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Pheromones can help you get the attention you want. Our potent pheromone perfume and cologne deliver guaranteed results.

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Human pheromone perfume and cologne by Alpha-Dream, Advanced Pheromone Technologies.

Half a century after the discovery of pheromones in s, scientists have yet to conclusively identify a single such chemical in humans. Yet the term is bandied

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“The Most Exciting News About Sex In Years!” Discover precisely how human pheromones work, and how they might improve your love life.

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