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Join us for a refreshing take on the latest Irish news and views

Short Ireland Jokes Q: Whats the difference between an Irish wedding, and an Irish funeral? A: There’s one less drunk. Q: How does every Irish joke start?

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Jul 30, 2007 · Video embedded · Clip from “The Fighting Irish – Bare Knuckle Boxing Vol 1”. The video is from 1990, it’s based in England, about a Legendary Irish Bare knuckle Boxing

Irish Porn Videos at Shannon Reid wears the uniform of her homeland, Ireland, as part of our continuing salute to the UEFA Euro 2012.

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“Here is to the teen on the hill, that says she wont but her teen will.” “we drink to those who love us, we drink to those who don’t. We drink to those who f*** us,

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Why in the holy hell did people think everything would work out just fine for them as long as they had these specific object?

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